Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year + A testimony!

Happy New Year!

Phew! I'm very late, I know, but my wishes are sincere, believe me.
I'm praying you'll have a great year ahead. Much more fulfilling than any other before now.

I want to share a testimony with you. A real testimony if there ever was one.

One day, a group of people were having a meeting in an office complex. They were seated in one of the many conference rooms in the building. All of a sudden there was a loud, ominous bang and the walls of the complex came tumbling down. There was confusion everywhere, people running pell-mell trying to run for cover.

One of the men who had been in the conference room, was thrown in the air at the explosion. he landed with a heavy thud of the floor, a slab of concrete quickly landing on his belly, a dislodged table after it. In short he was buried under a pile of rubble. He was able to look beside him. and what did he see, his colleague who had been sitting beside him, dead. He looked to the right, same thing. Several of the people he had joked and laughed and talked with were lying around the room in different states on consciousness or lack of it. All he could mutter was 'Jesus, Jesus.'

He struggled to get to his feet and found his way outside where he gathered that a crazy fellow had rammed into the building and detonated a bomb, killing himself and several other occupants of the complex in the process.

He couldn't believe it. Some people were dead, their heads blown off. He was checked by paramedics and taken to the hospital. He wasn't bleeding and he only felt a slight pain in his belly. At the hospital he saw several injured people. Some with their arms and legs severed. He was in shock but he just wanted to get out.

The doctors checked him and didn't find any bruises or injuries but they knew he wasn't totally out of danger. After a while he started having serious pains in his belly. It got worse and I think he passed out.

Anyway, I can't remember the details clearly now but he got real bad and had to be taken to the general hospital. They were to perform a minor operation. After a while he got infected, his lungs, his kidney, his liver, the infection kept spreading.

He had to be flown to South Africa for further treatment. At some point he fell into a coma and was unresponsive for a whole month. He was hooked to several life support machines at the time.

While at the hospital, his wife kept praying and speaking the word over his life. She got a cup of water and prayed then anointed him with it. She couldn't get any oil. She rejected all the doctor's reports and kept speaking life over her husband.

A month later he suddenly opened his eyes and spoke. It was a miracle and the doctors called him the man with the nine lives. His wife was overjoyed, glad that she had not given up on the word that could save and deliver.

The man got better and then told the story of where he'd been (you know we're much more than our bodies right?) and what he'd seen during that one month.

He had been taken up by an angel. They ascended until he could see the earth. He also saw hell, and people suffering and in agony.  He was then taken to heaven. and Jesus came and spoke to him.

I can't remember the details of their conversation now but it was something about Jesus asking him, "Will you come with me and be my friend?" Our friend said "Yes lord I will."

 And angels sang in the background. He remembered the song clearly even when he woke up.

Our friend was discharged a month after this. He spent only two months in the hospital after the doctors predicted that he had only a slim chance of survival.

What an awesome testimony!

No. It isn't fiction. It happened. Like seriously. The man's name is Mr. Olukoga. He was one of the 'victims' (now Victor!) of the UN Abuja bomb blast last year.

He gave the testimony live at my church on 31st night, complete with pictures of him in the hospital, connected to several machines, tubes running everywhere.

I was stunned.

I do not doubt the power of my God to save and deliver. I'm just amazed at the ways He chooses to show His power.

The fool says in his heart that there is no God.

Na bible talk am!



Jennifer Abayowa said...

Amazing testimony! He was definitely meant to tell his story.

Blessing said...

That is indeed an AMAZING testimony! Wow, God is faithful!!! I wish I was there to witness it, thanks for sharing :)

Tamie said...

God be praised!! An amazing testimony indeed.. I can only imagine the joy of the family.. We thank God.

Che said...

God be praised for the wondrous thing He did for Mr Olukoga. That was an inspiring testimony. Thank God his wife rejected the words of the doctors and held firmly to God's promises of life for her husband.
Happy New Year dear.

RemiRoy said...

Thanks Guys, for dropping by.
It really is something. I had to pick my jaws off the floor looking at the man on stage. He could have been dead just like everybody else. God truly is awesome. There's no searching of His understanding and power!