Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Win a free Copy of the Naijastories Anthology on Royspace!

Hi People,

So the Naijastories Anthology is still on sale, have you got a copy? If you haven’t here’s your chance.
I will be giving out three free copies of the anthology here. All you have to do is answer any of the questions below:

         Name twenty-five of the thirty authors who make up the anthology J


       State the title of my story and write a short love story of your own below 150 words. Be sure to use Tobi and Chibuzo as the main characters just like in my story. J

Send your answers to leroy7.18@gmail.com
This little contest closes on Saturday the 14th of April.

I’m excited about the Anthology really and I’m particularly grateful to God for Myne Whitman, a true trailblazer and wonderful boss! Thanks Myne, I appreciate the leader in you!

Thanks for being a part of my space people and I hope you win a free copy!