Monday, November 29, 2010

I've been thinking.....

Hi people,

Can you believe it? The year is almost over. Yikes!

I’ve been thinking about how my year went and seriously I can’t say I’m totally happy with how I handled it all. I mean there were things I kept procrastinating and never did. Sometimes I feel like kicking myself.
Do you ever feel that way? That you’re not giving your best? To yourself and to God? I do.

One thing I continually do though, even when I feel less than my best is to latch on to God’s Grace. It not only gives me strength to be focused and make amends, he covers my shortcomings. He practically stretches himself over them and I’m good to go.

It’s totally amazing. And at those times, I feel like David when he practically shot himself in the foot condemning the rich man in Prophet Nathan’s cute little story. Yeah, I know, I haven’t killed anybody. Seriously, I haven’t. Neither I have taken anybody’s husband (I’m sure you know this is true, lol) but no sin is small sin o. Whether it’s failing to act when God prompts you or murder, like David committed, all join!
 But just like David, I’m on my face before the Almighty and the blood speaks!

Well, I’ve decided I’m changing my spots. Oh yes I am. So I’ll offload those retellings in my heart, even if I lose my sleep! (oops, that’ll be hard) or work my fingers to the bone. And I’ll definitely stop procrastinating! So help me God!


I’ve been thinking of something. It’s been on my mind for about two years now, and it’s this, Should Christianity be equated to mediocrity? I guess not! So why do I hear a lot of naysayers when the issue of quality Christian media is raised.

Someone once argued with me when I said we could have an exclusively Christian broadcasting station in Nigeria. The arguments?  No content. ..No funding....It’ll lack committed followership, and so on... and I marvel.

Recently we started a Raves and Reels page on the magazine I write for, where we review inspiring Christian movies. A friend told me it was going to be a tall order getting quality movies. I tried, got a few, all foreign!

Maybe I have my head in the clouds, or down in the hot sand but I believe it can be done. We can have an Exclusively Christian TV/Radio station (not channel! nothing wrong with it but...) in Nigeria with 24/7, high end, unrivalled quality. 
What are the odds?

This Gospel can feed us o, for real, and it has to be preached. So, taking it into homes, engaging minds and inspiring souls sounds like a great modus operandi, don’t you think?

I seriously hope!

P.S.  Thanks to everyone following me here. You guys are the best. Looked up and it was thirty! Woah! I’m celebrating God in your lives today, Just said a prayer for you.

Stumbled on this amazing blog, I seriously think you should check out

Well, I’m in December mood already and things are looking up.
Have fun y’all!