Monday, November 29, 2010

I've been thinking.....

Hi people,

Can you believe it? The year is almost over. Yikes!

I’ve been thinking about how my year went and seriously I can’t say I’m totally happy with how I handled it all. I mean there were things I kept procrastinating and never did. Sometimes I feel like kicking myself.
Do you ever feel that way? That you’re not giving your best? To yourself and to God? I do.

One thing I continually do though, even when I feel less than my best is to latch on to God’s Grace. It not only gives me strength to be focused and make amends, he covers my shortcomings. He practically stretches himself over them and I’m good to go.

It’s totally amazing. And at those times, I feel like David when he practically shot himself in the foot condemning the rich man in Prophet Nathan’s cute little story. Yeah, I know, I haven’t killed anybody. Seriously, I haven’t. Neither I have taken anybody’s husband (I’m sure you know this is true, lol) but no sin is small sin o. Whether it’s failing to act when God prompts you or murder, like David committed, all join!
 But just like David, I’m on my face before the Almighty and the blood speaks!

Well, I’ve decided I’m changing my spots. Oh yes I am. So I’ll offload those retellings in my heart, even if I lose my sleep! (oops, that’ll be hard) or work my fingers to the bone. And I’ll definitely stop procrastinating! So help me God!


I’ve been thinking of something. It’s been on my mind for about two years now, and it’s this, Should Christianity be equated to mediocrity? I guess not! So why do I hear a lot of naysayers when the issue of quality Christian media is raised.

Someone once argued with me when I said we could have an exclusively Christian broadcasting station in Nigeria. The arguments?  No content. ..No funding....It’ll lack committed followership, and so on... and I marvel.

Recently we started a Raves and Reels page on the magazine I write for, where we review inspiring Christian movies. A friend told me it was going to be a tall order getting quality movies. I tried, got a few, all foreign!

Maybe I have my head in the clouds, or down in the hot sand but I believe it can be done. We can have an Exclusively Christian TV/Radio station (not channel! nothing wrong with it but...) in Nigeria with 24/7, high end, unrivalled quality. 
What are the odds?

This Gospel can feed us o, for real, and it has to be preached. So, taking it into homes, engaging minds and inspiring souls sounds like a great modus operandi, don’t you think?

I seriously hope!

P.S.  Thanks to everyone following me here. You guys are the best. Looked up and it was thirty! Woah! I’m celebrating God in your lives today, Just said a prayer for you.

Stumbled on this amazing blog, I seriously think you should check out

Well, I’m in December mood already and things are looking up.
Have fun y’all!



Tee Akindele said...

Remi I feel your December mood :). And I pray that you'll be very successful with your resolves by God's grace.

I also share your sentiments about quality media production that promote Christian values. We really can't expect people to sentimentally accept mediocre offerings, because there is God or Christianity attached to it. I agree if a media brand stands out for quality and excellence it would attract attention generally, and almost anybody else would agree on same, the challenge I guess most Christians would rightly point out however is that good production or high quality cannot make a production Christian, rather it is the message passed through the medium.

And though the Christian message is a sweet smelling savor to a believer, we have to admit that the gospel message is most likely to be convicting, uncomfortable/ embarrassing or offensive to those who dis-believe(1Cor 1:18-23; 2Cor 2:15-17; 1Pet 2:7-8 etc). The salvation we preach is convicting(both to those who will accept it or those who reject it) no matter how subtly we polish it. And so if you create a media with a 'Christianity tag', you may already be settling for the fact that you may never be universally popular. In spite of this, we have a challenge to keep seeking ways to put quality Christian resource out there and we mustn't lack in material or content - we should be too inspired for that(1 Pet2:9).

Thanks for being so inspiring as usual Remil

RemiRoy said...

True that Tee, true that.
The fact that it's God is the very reason why it should be top notch. we do not serve a mediocre God na, it should reflect in all we do.

I also agree that the Gospel WILL be convicting and uncomfortable for those who do not believe. That has never been in contention. if it was comfortable then just maybe thats not what we should be preaching.

But truth is, we gat to do what we gat to do, universal acceptance or not. We need not start from the uttermost parts of the earth na. Judea and Samaria could work for starters. :)
I think of TBN and even OneGospel of S.A and I can't believe otherwise.

Thanks, dear Tee.

gretel said...

very inspiring post,happy new month Roy,we can do all things thru christ that strengthens us.
God bless you.

RemiRoy said...

Sweetheart, thanks for dropping by.
Yes, we sure can. Enjoy the new month too. Merry Christmas already. :)

author:thisisthediaryofanotmadblackwoman said...

I get excited to see blogs promoting God across the internet.
It's really uplifting.

RemiRoy said...

:) Thanks, thisisthedia....... 'jeez your name is long!'.... for stopping by.
May his grace never cease to empower us.
God bless!

D said...

Ok Roy,

Thanks for d prayers & ever-inspiring posts. December'll indeed 'tu wa lara'.

I agree with your thoughts on quality-nigerian-xtian-broadcasting. I know some guys (Deji Irawo et. al) have tried and some are still making an effort. The fact is that its doable, but one thing thats really key which we dare not compromise is quality. Then however we do it, it should be run as a BUSINESS! Add grace to all that and then what will stop us?

Cheers to Lakeside,

RemiRoy said...

Hmmm, thats a good one D, run as a business, with Grace in the right place.
I agree, what can stop us?
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your insight.
And yes, LOL!:)

abby (NS) said...

Hey Roy;

Let's say this is something that's still being conceived.

Christianity shouldn't equate mediocrity; we need to hold ourselves to the higher standard that our lives in Christ is!

Watch out! is all I'll say; and it's not a tall order.

RemiRoy said...

@Abby, i sooo agree with you, we do not serve a mediocre God na, so we have no business being second rate!
Thanks dear, for stopping by. :)