Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Small Print By Abimbola Dare (A must read!)

Hi people,

I recently started following Bimbylads (Abimbola Dare) on twitter and got to know about her new book titled ‘The Small Print.’
I’m very excited about this! I have read an excerpt on Naijastories and I must say I really looked forward to reading the book. She's a great writer and now on my to-watch list. I'm just about to dig into the book but I’ll give you some info before I go.

Below is her profile and a description of the book.

Abimbola Dare started writing Christian fiction after a deep conviction to use her writing for God's glory. All her books are African themed, with rich, authentic African characters. She is happily married and lives the UK with her family.

Twitter: bimbylads
Facebook: Facebook profile

Book Blurb
Ambitious illegal Immigrant Wale Ademola has the perfect solution to avoid deportation: a contract marriage to attractive stranger, Jennifer Lennox. Nothing could possibly go wrong-that is until Jennifer makes a demand that threatens to jeopardize Wale’s greatest desire.

Sheltered Christian housewife Sade Williams thinks nothing of secretly working behind her husband’s back. When a devastating discovery at home causes Sade to question the integrity of her marriage and faith, she turns to her charming colleague, Wale for comfort. And then the unthinkable happens…

Embittered by a wrecked contract and a shattered heart, Jennifer Lennox sets on the warpath of vengeance… 
Twisted in a web of infidelity, deceit and lies, three individuals must battle insurmountable challenges- on a journey across two continents- to discover that it is in the midst of despair, confusion and desperation that God’s unconditional; all- consuming love shines the brightest.

Please purchase and spread the word!

@bimbylads, Congrats sis!

God bless



Anonymous said...

Great! thanks for the share!

Che said...

Where can I buy this book. Thanks.

RemiRoy said...

Hi anon! Tnx. :)

@Che. Sorry I'm just replying. You can buy the ebook version of TSP at, just search.
I think the paperback will be available soon, in December the author said. Please do buy it. Tnx