Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Outrageous Courageous and FireGoofs!

So I really love all the movies by the Kendrick Brothers. Fireproof was great, courageous was even better! I've watched these movies like 10 + X times already. I like the fact that they are wholesome with great messages for the family. God bless Sherwood pictures. Ya'll are doing a phenomenal job!

So I found these silly video of the making of courageous. It's filed with bloopers and jokes and funny dancing and stuff. It's great to see how these films are made...and to think they work with mostly volunteers and a low budget. Nice!

For those of you who appreciate these movies, more films are coming from Affirm Films (owned by Sony Pictures). Great christian movies with awesome messages. You should look out for them.

Here's the funny courageous video... Enjoy!

Here's another silly video of  the making of Fireproof. Does any one recognise a mock scene from Facing the Giants? That is just hilarious! 

And Kirk Cameron just inspires me. Watch...

 I just love these guys and what they're doing. :)



Virtue by Funmi said...

oh yes, i remembered watching facing the giant, it was a great movie. i hope to watch courageous some day. i can't wait to do that. Thanks for posting.

Remi Roy said...

Really? Well here's your chance.
Watch Courageous here:

Thank me later :)

Virtue by Funmi said...

Oh my !!!!!!! thanks sis, love you loads... God bless you...

Remi Roy said...

Amen! My pleasure. :)