Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Hottest, Finest Bible Dude Contest!!!

So there’s this thing that’s been going through my mind. Indulge me here. What if there was a contest to determine the finest bible dude ever? You’re probably wondering what on earth I’m taking about.

Well, I’m organizing a contest to determine who the finest, hottest dude in the bible is (or was) :D Judging will be based on physical attributes as described in the bible o!
If not, I know we could make Namaan look like a six-pack-sporting hunk in leprous flesh. :D

So some names readily come to mind. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
‘Daaaavid’…. Almost every one will wanna start from him. Ok let’s see.

1 Samuel 16:12
“Now David was ruddy (had a healthy appearance), and had a beautiful countenance, and good to look upon.”

Ok, so David was fine, if you like the innocent boyish looking type. :D

Let’s move on. Next on my list would be….. ‘Absaaaaalom’. Oh Dang! I’m sure you don’t want to hear that name. Absalom? The usurper? the sick dude who slept with all his father’s wives and concubines? The murderer who killed his brother? Hell no.
But puhleaseee, the guy was fineee!. No beefing.

Check him out here, 2 Samuel 14:25 -26.
“There was no one praised for his beauty like Absalom. From the sole of his feet to the crown of his head he had no blemish. When he shaved his hair (every year) it weighed two hundred shekels.”

Phew! Am I hyperventilating or what? Think of all that in today’s terms and you have a ‘hottish’ bloke on your hands.

Ok, one more. You’ll most definitely like this one…… ‘Joseph’. Hmm, hmm. I won’t even waste time praising all his character qualities. You already know them.
But what about his physical attributes? Ok, so the bible doesn’t really describe him in so many words but he must have been a knockout, don’t you think? Mrs Potiphar practically came drooling after him like a puppy in heat.

Ok entries closed. I’m the judge here so the winner is..........



So I think he won. But he’s still a jerk as far as I’m concerned. All that betrayal couldn’t make him a jewel in my eyes.

Get my point? Looks are not even half of what they’re cracked up to be. But we don’t wanna hear that these days. We have these stereotypes. He’s got to be fine, tall, dark and handsome. She’s got be shapely, a head turner. But does that make us secure?

Haba! Will a six-pack pay the bills? Does a 36-24-38 guarantee a great mother and a faithful wife?

The content is more important than the container, but that’s ‘Greek’ in this time and age. But it won’t be long before we realise a prize-winning container could be full of crap (excuse the harsh word) and we can’t understand why people on the outside still find it attractive.

It’s not impossible to find it all in one location. Quality content in a stunning container, many have. But isn’t it best to search first for quality content, then the show-stopping container will most definitely be a great bonus.

So, waiting to find quality content ‘by force by fire’ in a runway-worthy container? You could be wasting years on the sidelines.

Searching for a mouth watering container with no thought whatsoever for the content? Be afraid, be very afraid!


Myne Whitman said...

Oh this was a good one, you got me laughing with the winner and then threw in the message. Well done!

Dennis said...

You remind of the pediatric nurses who administer medication to children by hiding it in the very snack, food, drink or swee that they enjoy.
Lesson learnt...contents first!

Igwehi said...

Hmmmm. Thought provoking; driving the message deeply home. Loving the way the message came in. You've done it again Roy.

RemiRoy said...

mYnE! just from ur blog. it's so alive!! i need time to digest all you have there. well done.
@dennis. ha ha, i get that picture. tnx a lot
@igwehi. tnx dear. i'm glad it did.

chasong said...


The article sure helps to 'let the hair down'
- and then the punch-line, that it's not about the externals.

Will definitely be coming back here often. Kinda more relaxing than all the end time stuff on my blog at this time.

Feel free to come by and drop a line

Now, I'm curious about Myne's blog
maybe I will just be visiting soon...

RemiRoy said...

tnx Samurai, For dropping by. Passed by your blog the other day but was in a hurry.
I'll sure come around again and leave a footprint.
and MYNE'S blog rocks.

omoba-adeteju! said...

nice one roy
filled with suspense and also thought provoking
lessons learnt!
thanks for sharing!

RemiRoy said...

Thanks dearie!
God bless!