Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Have No Idea Where I've Been! #WongFuProductions

How awesome would it be to have your job involve making videos, short films and fun stuff on youtube? I mean for a living? Great, right?

A few weeks ago I found out about WongFu Productions and I just fell in love with their work. This is what these guys do. Great videos, high quality stuff.

But then I started thinking how do these guys make money? They just appear to be having so much fun.
I found out they also do merchandising; they design and sell their products online.

This week they celebrated 10 years of being together as WongFu Productions and the stuff they talked about really really amazed me. I never knew they went way back and have put so much hard work into their brand.

It's easy to look at people doing great today and think they're just lucky or simply rose out of the woodwork to start running things. It hardly ever works that way. Most of the time you need to talk to them to get  a picture of how they started, stuff they've been through and endured to be where they are.

There's always a lot of work behind the scenes. A LOT.

Sometimes I think the "10 year plan" "5 year strategy" is overrated. It may even lead to a lot of paralysis by analysis. We talk so much about what we want to do and achieve but end up only sitting on our behind fixing and editing our speech to make it sound good to others.

Note to self: The steps you make today will constitute your story tomorrow. No deliberate steps, no special achievement.

Here's their 10 year anniversary video.

And here's my absolute favorite. A series called "Away we happened" sponsored by AT&T. This is just episode 1. Episode 2-6 are also on their youtube channel.


Congrats WongFu productions.

 Congrats Ted, Wes and Phil!

You guys rock!



Relentless Builder said...

You're absolutely right. There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and sometimes the end product doesn't even reflect the amount of effort put in. Congrats to these guys, and thank you for sharing. I am inspired!

chidimma said...


Thanks for sharing!

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Remi Roy said...

Thanks Chidimma!