Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Have I Been Up To?

I woke up today wishing I were a poet. I wanted to write a poem on how crazy life can be. The ups, the downs, the demands, unexpected twists and all. All I came up with was...

Life is...crazy. 


I'm so not a poet. :(

Well, on to other things.


Klorofyl Mag, that awesome online literary and graphic lifestyle magazine with urban and African roots, is set to launch it's City Issue on September 15, 2012!  It's totally awesome again this issue. The design, the graphics, the photography, the stories, the poems...all out of this world! I am so proud to be associated with this work! You'll find my story in there somewhere :) 

You can visit the Klorofyl Mag WEBSITE and you'll come away impressed, I can ashuwa assure you! :)

Congrats to one of my many bosses, Tolu Oloruntoba, the editor of Klorofyl Magazine.

Here's the cover image.


My story "When Grandpa came to stay was shortlisted for the Ugreen Foundation sponsored Creative Wings Prize. See the link HERE
I hope I win something. :)

Cheers people!
Have a great September!



Tamie said...

Hallo to you. Been a while... Both on blogger and twitter. How you dey?

RemiRoy said...

Hi Tamie!!
Yes o. Been a long while...everywhere. It is well with me. And you dear, trust you're doing great? Thanks dear!