Monday, June 4, 2012

Be Comforted, Nigeria


We have to keep going and hope, for the memories of the dearly departed, that we can yet make something out of the mess we find ourselves in.
I can only imagine the pain and hurt families are going through right now because of the sad, sad events over the weekend in Nigeria. Statistics get a life of their own when we see a name, a face, a family we recognise or know on the victim list.
May the good Lord comfort and speak peace to everyone affected, like only He can.

For the rest of us, it is a wakeup call (and this is not  a cliche) All we think we are, know and own ceases to be important when death knocks.
God is the only constant. And any one who knows and follows Him is a winner any day, whether he lives or dies. Make that decision today. Join the family of the One who holds everything. If we're wrong, you lose nothing, but since we're right, you'll gain eternity in His presence.

God Bless, Comfort and Heal Nigeria.



gretel said...

Roy.....what you've said is true,we just have to move on,tears well inmy eyes when I see those kids looking for their parent6s :'(

RemiRoy said...

It is Sad Gretel. So sad. I just pray for strength for their loved ones at this trying time. Thanks dear.