Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Naijastories Anthology and My Favourite Things To Watch!

Hi People!

How you doing out there? I have good news. The Naijastories Anthology has been released! Click on the NS ebook on the right to read more. Will post more reviews and stuff before MARCH 27th the official launch date.

For now though, just wanted to share some of my favourite things to watch with you.

Jamie Grace, she's really young  and I like her voice.

I originally wanted to post Francesca Batistelli's Beautiful, Beautiful Video, but I found it hard, so this is Free to be me; just as great as this young woman after God's heart.

Courageous!! Please watch this movie. Thanks to my boss I didn't watch a pirated copy *tongue out*
But seriously, everyone should watch it. It's great, inspiring and totally awesome!

Okay! I have watched this movie gazillion times already and it never fails to make me laugh and cry and laugh some more. I totally love it. It's not new though, but please see it if you haven't.

That's all folks.




Anonymous said...

permit me to do this
francesca batistelli's free to be me...
i'm singing....
cos i got a couple dents in my fenders, got a couple rips in my jeans...trying to fit the pieces together, but perfection is my enemy, on my own, i'm so clumsy, but on your shoulders i can seeee....
i'm free to be ME!!!>>>LOL...whoa...i love francesca batistelli, i really do!!....have got lots of her songs...try listening to time inbetween, paper heart and forever love and you'll be head over heels...
she's a wonder in our generation
courageous is a good muvie, still have that on my laptop unwatched bt i can bet its gonna be kinda dramatic and lovely..if the guy in facing the giants and the pastor in fireproof can be there, then i have no prob
3 idiots....now thats a movie that can make u laugh and cry at the same time...AL iZ welll..hahahaha
nice upload...thumbs up!!

RemiRoy said...

Girl, I'm feeling you on that one! You're right Francesca is awesome! Hervoice and spirit amazes me.
You should totally watch Courageous o! it's just too much.
I guess i may still watch 3 idiots again tonight, especially my favourite parts :)
Thanks dear, visiting my space.

Anonymous said...

u welcome hun!

aeWHYoh said...

I ain't a girl, but I do sing Francesca's song every now and then. I love the lyrics.

sugarspring said...

yeah...me too...the lyrics are deep