Friday, May 27, 2011

To the Children, then and now...

Its Children’s day and WE, the children are excited!  Yay! :)
This BB message below has been circulating since the crack of dawn today.

To all of us who ate Nasco wafers, Okin biscuit, Go-Go and M&K. Who drank Tandi and green sands. Who knew when eleganza biro was sold for less than #1.00 and Pepsi for #1.50. Who did the flex and butterfly dance, watched Cadbury breakfast show and sat anxiously by our TV sets at 4pm for Voltron, defender of the universe.  I say, Happy Children’s Day!!!  And to those who didn’t enjoy these simple pleasures, please meet me at 6:30pm for tales by moonlight! :) Lol

If you remember these things, then you must have grown up in Nigeria at around the same time I did! LOL. Is it fun to be grown? Or would you rather turn back the hands of the clock?

Well, as much as those times were fun and filled with reckless abandon, life has happened and we’re running with it. In fact we’ve run so fast that some of us now have children of our own! 

So, to everyone in my generation (you’re probably wondering how old I am, well, do the math :)) who now has one or two little ones, congratulations and happy Children’s day! Don’t forget to do all you can to partner with God to give your children the best that they truly deserve.

Speaking of which, I am now a proud aunt of a beautiful niece! Yippee!
My sister dropped a sweet little angel last week and it’s her first Children’s day!
Special congratulations to Little 'Sope. 
I promise I’ll be a great aunt! :)

Cheers people and Happy Children’s day to all the children of the world!



Azuka said...

A happy children's day to you too.

Well, strange as it may sound, I never had Okin, Go-Go, M&K, Tandi or green sands.

gretel said...

happy children's day,my parents delayed too long in bringing me forth,i didn't have all those pleasures,mine were a bit refined.
Missed ya.

Amb Caleb said...

Wish me well, to your sister

RemiRoy said...

Hi guys, so sorry i replied late. I have had issues with my connection.
Thanks for stopping by.
I miss ya too @Gretel. You havent been on NS for ages now.
@Amb Caleb, thanks a lot! will do.

Oluwatobi said...

Wow! This brings back memories!!! I remember Voltron so well haha.

Do you remember choco-milo? lol