Thursday, September 30, 2010

There's no penetrating this wall of Fire!

I remember the last time I wrote about a near robbery attack. It’s been about a year now and it still amazes me. Not just because of the comical nature of the whole thing but because the experience gives new meaning to certain scriptures that are making too much sense to me right now.

I used to be a fearful person. I mean, I would get goose flesh just sitting in a dark room. And because I have an active imagination, it was so easy to conjure all sorts of images of things that could go wrong or crazy creatures that could jump out of the woodwork.

I remember telling my mum when I was little that when she left me in a room no sooner do I close my eyes than I begin to see ‘things’. She found that really funny but encouraged me to stop watching scary stuff on TV, that was the only reasonable excuse she could give for my over active imagination. That didn’t help because I hated scary movies and I vividly remember sitting with my back to the TV when my siblings watched Zombie, the flesh eater or any such hair raising drama.

Anyway, I struggled with that fear (plus fear of dogs!) for a long while, and then I grew up. I stopped being so fearful of the dark, when I was indoors, but it was a different matter entirely when I was outside the comforts of my house. I noticed this first when I had to leave home pretty early to get to work on time. I learnt something during that period that ‘as much as it lies within your power never work on one end of town and live on the other end!’

I would walk down the lonely road to the bus stop at 5am. After my Bolt! Experience it got worse. I would clutch my bag close while reciting psalm 91. (I wasn’t really praying it anyway ‘cos I spent most of my mental energy being scared gutless.)
However, reliving that experience all over again made me really look closely and I concluded that I must have been under strict military-like protection! That could only have been it. I had to redress my understanding of the scriptures in relation to my situation.

‘When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.’ The road from my house to the stop couldn’t really be qualified as a valley neither did I smell any death shadows lurking around, so what on earth was I afraid of? (Don’t mind my analogy, hope you get the point sha?)

‘For I the Lord will be to her a wall of fire round about…’ Zech 2:5 Meeen, If that isn’t assurance of protection, I don’t know what is. Imagine me walking around in a ball of fire! Won lenu mbe, Matrix has got nothing on this!

I serve a God who is not so busy answering your prayers that he can’t attend to mine. He’s not too occupied with looking after you that he can’t protect me.

Go tell my enemies, I am under the rock, rolling around in a ball of fire! Gbabe!

See how Roy Bolted! HERE.


Tee Akindele said...

I never heard of Roy bolt, I'd check it out later, but before then, nice post!

I've been thinking about the fear of the dark in kids for some weeks now and finally wrote a poem last night about it, so you can imagine I had a big grin while I was reading from your second paragraph.

My mind also used to see imaginary images whenever I was alone in the dark as a kid and even when I tried to sleep with a high watt bulb left on, my mind only invented new colorful tricks. LOL

sorry... back to your post, God's protection is definitely real! yeah!

RemiRoy said...

Seriously Tee, there's something here.
The next time a child tells me she sees 'things'in the dark. I'll give her a pen and paper to describe what she sees, who knows, she may turn out to be an amazing poet, like you. 4 real, no joke.

Tee Akindele said...

Seriously, I also felt there might be a connection between those 'hyper-mental' childhood experiences and a nascent gift of creativity. But I don't think it has to do with poetry or literature in particular, I feel it could well have to do with any form of creative art.
Happy Independence Remi!


Fear. Still is an issue for me. But then I always remember what God said to me a while back.
"Tola, can't you trust me"?
If that is not reassuring, I do not know what else is. Remi, I like the playful way you wrote this , but trust me, you have passed the message.

RemiRoy said...

@Tee, I agree. Afterall, art is much more than just the written word.

@Tola, I hear you loud and clear babe. Trusting God is it. We can never trust him enough.
Thanks dear.